the WELCOME MAT is out . . .. .

It's official!  The Welcome Mat is out and Spa 131 is open at our intimate new facility at 131 State Street in the West Vista.  That's just across the Gervais Street bridge.  Our large and secure parking lot is across from the delicious restaurants Terra, 116 Wine & Espresso Bar, and we look at Al's Upstairs from our windows.



Check back often for special events and offers  to help you live happy and healthy throughout the entire year.  Your health is so very important to us.  We offer frequent visit discount cards for both massage and skin care.  These treatments used to be reserved for only the wealthy.  Not so any more.  All have discovered the documented value of regular massage and skin care - value to your overall health and well-being.  


Remember that we ALWAYS have beautiful gift certificates.  

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You are invited to stop by for a visit and take a look around.  

Expect to see new things at every visit.  


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